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Do you want your hotel to be known all over the world?

It can become a reality if you are able to create an exclusive and soulful place that will attract many people. The main thing is to contact a specialist, who passionately loves his job and the result will truly be stunning.

Exclusivity is guaranteed

Every pond, waterfall or stream which is built under my direction is a kind of challenge, a completely new, unique and, dare I say it, a work of art. I appreciate originality, so if you ask me to design and turn into reality something as you can see in the portfolio, I will definitely refuse, because the next project born by Konstantin Yudin’s water landscape design studio will be such a thing which this universe has never seen!

You can look through the portfolio to see the history of works I’ve been creating for over 15 years, and make sure that there is no the same one.

The main values ​​of my work
The initial goal which leads me in creating a landscape water feature in a hotel to make every person who has seen pictures on the Internet or at his friends’ desire not only to visit this place, but to say to all his friends «Come on, let’s have a look at it. It’s so beautiful! «. There is no needto talk about people who not only can see such beauty with their own eyes, but also relax in a posh hotel touching body and soul to some perfect things. Your hotel will be called fabulous, it’s a fact. Every day people’s interest, desire to capture themselves in such a unique place and take a picture on the background of unique water composition will increase a hundredfold.


Profitable investment

Due to the incredible growth of guests’ interest to your hotel, its popularity and the flow of visitors will increase at times, it has already been verified. When you decide that you want to add your hotel with some «flavor» and invite me to the area, I will certainly offer a few options for a water landscape. Among my ideas, we will choose the most attractive one and we will define together what the brightest masterpiece can be built on this site. If at that time you will already have some kind of crazy fantasy regarding the planned facility, I will be pleased to embody it into life.

Modern guest preferences
As shown by the current reality, wealthy people do not want to live in a simple square meters staying in a hotel, want to get the maximum of fun and excitement. Maintenance of the population of our planet wants chic and beauty to be reigned around them. In a competitive environment, every owner of a hotel respecting the wishes of his clients, strives to stand out from the mass of others  and wants to make a unique offer to his guests in addition to clean and comfortable rooms, good location and delicious breakfast.
For today’s travelers pool and palm trees are not enough, they need something special ….
In my opinion and through my experience, an effective solution to this issue is to create a beautiful landscape composition so that people could say: «We have visited such a posh place!».

What will you get in the future?

In addition to a steady stream of happy customers you will get my support in the future. After finishing I never leave my objects keeping interest in what condition they are. I always train the staff how to take care about the ponds, because all of my water features are my offspring, which I created and keep nurturing. Konstantin Yudin’s water landscape design studio  is not a  construction organization. We live with our works. And if you came to me, you don’t need to look for any other specialists because as  a bonus we will perform all the necessary landscaping and ensure proper maintenance of ponds.

It is very easy to do!

Call me and see how I implement even unrealistic at first glance landscape water features easily. We’ll start with the project and it is likely I will offer you something that you didn’t even think about! I always fall on the schedule and guarantee the quality of work. Just in a month, we can create a masterpiece, and it is sure to be exclusive.

Together we will make it your trump card and make your hotel a unique place which will attract not only people of our country, but also foreigners.

The popularity of   Konstantin Yudin’s water landscape design studio  is growing every day, we get good feedback from our clients. According to the owners of the hotels where my solutions in water landscape have been implemented, their popularity has increased at 3 times and the amount of sharing of photos and comments in social networks is growing rapidly.

We are pleased to take any effort to make your hotel become well-known.

Book a consultation, please contact us! You can see my phone number on the main page.

Respectfully yours, an author and creator of unique water landscapes, Konstantin Yudin.


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