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One of the documents of project documentation is a project execution plan. Firstly, it reflects the big picture. Secondly, it is clearly staged and points the work that must be done. What is a plan for? A plan gives the confidence of a client in the rightness of terms and normal working process. A customer doesn’t need to visit the site all the time, because constantly sent photo reports are compared with a plan and evidently show on what stage the construction is at that moment.

A project execution plan is a magic document. This paper helps builders keep fit actually, helps to keep to normal operations and rhythm, avoiding processing and emergency work. A project execution plan is a very important document of time management, time-saving and thus your cost effectiveness.

Having such job engineering, if I were a customer, for example, I wouldn’t go into all other technological details of construction process. However, unfortunately in our local building, especially in such rare specific industries, such as water landscaping, now there exist a lot of dilettantism. That’s why every normal customer tries to study the subject maximally, to monitor contractor’s accuracy and competence. For this purpose, he sometimes takes engineering supervision or monitors the working process all by himself.

Well, once again, this project can help very well in this case, because the drafts describe technological processes, explanatory notes show what elements are built up and what function they have.

A 10 are plot of land with a pond is constructed approximately for two months from the ground up.

To summarize, I want to say that we will spend approximately one month on planning and two months on 10 are plot construction. These are those parameters which you may account in planning of landscape development and planning of contacting us as the specialists.

With kind regards, Konstantin Yudin.

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