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The secret of desires
One well-known book said: “When you want anything, all the Universe will help make your desire come true.” Desires They send thoughts in the inner secret directions, forming our real life. Every thought causes emotions, which influence not only moral, but also physical things. And here it is important for all nascent thoughts and desires to be pure, high and true. And where to find these thoughts, if not near the water. The sound of falling water is able to heal completely or recharge emotionally each person. After all, it is one of the greatest natural forces – energy, the source of life and development. Do you want to be healthy, cheerful and the rich? Your own "Waterfall of desires" is a true doctor, psychologist, friend always being alongside. It will improve and brighten up your everyday routine life, clear thoughts and guide them on the...

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Would you like to have your clients always in a good mood?
“The Exalted Fantasy” project is an example of what is necessary for this purpose. It gave Konstantin Yudin’s water landscape design studio confidence that we can easily, quickly and in a quality manner embody ideas for the sites of the most improbable complexity. This water feature was created for the hotel which is now one the most known and popular on the territory of the Crimea. The unique character of “The Exalted Fantasy” includes its special architecture and unknown before architectural concept. The broad transparent water flows up to 10 meters in width, 9 levels of water features, streams with crystal-clear water, the lake in the shape of heart, night illumination of 150 underwater lights – all this gives incredible magic and charm to the hotel. The thing that nobody else has Across the whole landscape water feature there...

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To create a beautiful and peaceful place on the site where you can relax and have a rest is a natural desire of a modern person. Konstantin Yudin’s water landscape design studio can offer you more: your personal source of inspiration! And these are not empty words, because while enjoying the magic, soothing sounds of rolled from a boulder to boulder water, listening to whisper of a tender breeze caressing the branches of a willow, learning a splash of orange-yellow Koi that have chosen paradise pond, you will not surely want to leave. At the moment when the water captures all your attention and leads to the magic fairy tale, you'll realize that this is exactly that place where your inspiration lives. Peaceful, both accelerating and slowing down, streamlet murmur; soft, as though embracing water branch-armed willows; filled with magic, mysterious grotto; covered with emerald-green moss and grass boulders rising...

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«Hey, darling, Let’s go swimming! ! !
– said Isabel and her stunning naked body immersed in crystal clear water of the lagoon. – I want to swim in this mountain lake every day and to wash under the waterfall! Oh, sweetheart, let's build a house here! You wished to find the most wonderful place on the Earth and build a house of your dream, didn’t you? – I will just create this beautiful place closer not far from my favourite work in my favourite city. You know I can't live without my work! » Long ago passed those times when people settled at places, where were water, free land and beautiful nature, moreover a built cave house nearby. The concept of nobody's land ceased to exist long time ago, and reservoirs in general are the national treasure. The view of a lagoon from a window is a...

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A house at the lake is a dream which has been come true by the wizard
Your own lake It strikes with its beauty, simple and at the same time original. The project is cozy. It has an aura of warm domesticity, peace and rest. From the previous version of the pond in the backyard of the house I remained only an idea and desire to make it even better. The rest is a magic lake bridge, standing on which it is convenient to feed Koi fish; decorative waterfall filling the courtyard with polyphony of cheerful murmur; the terrace over the water, creating a wall of the saturated greens, alternating with gray-white cold stones; and the most important thing is view of the from the bedroom. It is so transformed that it is difficult to take your eyes off. In the evening you can see twinkling, gently...

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A place where the fish bite
Surely you remember the legendary phrase from the favourite movie: "The fish will bite! I take it on myself! The client will forget about everything while fishing!" Today with the help of Konstantin Yudin’s water landscape design studio it is really possible to create such pond, where fish always bite. And this will be wherever you wish: in the restaurant courtyard, in the entertainment center, at the camping and even at home or at the summer cottage. Your own fish pond sounds rich and presentable. Fishing – meditation or passion?
When you throw a fishing rod, you calm down, wait and start listening involuntarily to your thoughts. Fishing is some kind of meditation for learning your mental world more deeply. For some people fishing is a way of life, for some it’s a hobby, and for...

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Sacred Brook

The best place for relaxation!
Looking at this pond with amazing illumination which makes everything shine with bright colors…at the branch swinging in the wind…at the stone path in the middle of the pond…hearing of splashes in the waterfall…looking at fishes swimming peacefully in the pond, you really understand that this is the very place where you can relax, take a rest and even heal the soul and body. This is a real “sacred brook” near which you feel revitalization, unique lightness, blessing, peace and harmony. While being at this place, it seems that all our plans will certainly come true. An ideal place for rest really exists; it just needs to be created! According to statistics more than 82 % of people prefer looking at water and having a rest near it. And if you belong to this category there remains only one unresolved question – finding of...

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