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Константин Юдин

I’m glad to welcome you at my website!
Konstantin Yudin’s water landscape design studio is a team of professionals specialized in water landscaping design, building and maintenance.
We offer our clients design of different artificial waterfalls, ponds, streams, lakes which look like natural reservoirs and can transform your garden into wonderful oasis, refresh your hotel or add some spice to your restaurant interior.

Our company has 15-year experience in this area and its own practical know-how and now we’ve got an opportunity to work all over the world in any season, to carry out orders from either private customers or the owners of the largest entertainment and tourism centers.

I have no false modesty to say that Konstantin Yudin’s water landscape design studio is a unique highly specialized landscaping company on the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) territory. We provide a 100% quality guarantee, work with leading European specialists and we are constantly improving ourselves according to global trends in this area.




The main idea of Konstantin Yudin’s water landscape design studio is a creation of water garden landscaping arrangements which are designed individually for each customer at a high quality level.
In our work we pay great attention to your wishes, preferences and possibilities. And to build finally your dreaming construction, Konstantin Yudin’s water landscape design studio keeps sequential steps.

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 1. Listening to you very attentively

While we’re meeting together at your homeplace it’s very important for me to understand what exactly you want. That’s why do not hesitate, dream up and describe a vision of your paradise place. No ideas? Then we can start with my proposals which will be customized to your wishes and possibilities. I’ll suggest you to answer the questions concerning not only visual elements of your reservoir, but its functional area and infrastructure.

2. Designing

Now I have to summarize all the ideas and my knowledge in order to get a perfect construction of your dream. At this stage you’ll have the information about the construction costs and the maintenance of the pond or the waterfall and the nearby territory. If you already have a project, we can customize it to your needs and calculate its costs.

3. Visualization

You’ll get the first sketches just one week after our first meeting. As a rule there are 3 steps: first — when we dream up and imagine, second — we combine our ideas with external reality, third – we propose and sign a project which is individually designed and unique and absolutely real for coming true. At this stage you’ll have a clear idea of your future waterfall, pond in the garden or at the hotel complex.

4. Preparation of detailed design

At this stage you will get a detail project which you’ll be able to make a reality with the help of an experienced foreman and builders if you don’t want to use our service. In case our company is engaged in building, we can get down to work. The detailed design is the step for agreement and mutual understanding even if we have different opinions.

5.Building and construction design supervision

If the construction goes according to plan, I visit it once every two weeks. But if you need to discuss some details while working, we’ll be able to meet more often. Every construction stage is monitored and checked as none of us wants to delay work and return to the previous stages. There appear some ways of cooperation: if you need a project it will be made and we work separate; if you want to start building we get down to work. However we can do it ourselves, with the help of your assistants, or just supervise the construction.



When I studied at school and behaved badly at my lessons, the teachers were angry with me and I was often out of the classroom. Instead of classes I walked down Staronavodnitskaya Street and sailed toy wooden boats on the tram-lines. I unclogged the channels for them to make the water flow taking my little boats to unknown new lands. It was in the early spring in March, when the snow began melting. I was so taken with this that noticed absolutely nothing, even moving tram or sudden beep when the tram driver was trying to take me away from the rails. I went on until the driver left the tram, took me by the ear and only after feeling pain I returned to reality, but didn’t want to obey him resisting with all my body and trying to carry on my fascinating pastime.

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Of course, I could become a seaman, but I was attracted by secrets and magic of water. I was always so absorbed in it that nothing could stop me from achievements in my exploration of water flowing and its nature. Also I was interested how the water could combine its beauty and melody. For all my life I’ve been learning what would happen if you love it with all your heart. I’ve been studying reservoirs and lives of different animals and plants in the water. I’ve learnt construction careers in order to make my constructions strong because the water is a very gentle and at the same time powerful element. I’ve also studied the theory of strength of materials and engineering mechanics to understand how people create concrete structures and how they design beams and cantilever constructions.

I studied a lot at very talented architects of the past, such as the genius of the Renaissance Michelangelo Buonarroti, the bright representative of School of Florence Raffaello Santi, the supreme representative of High Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci and a Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. The last one was eager to construct naturally and considered the sky and the sea as the best of the interiors, and the tree with clouds as perfect sculptural shapes. And also I studied at brilliant modern architects who are my friends now: Natalia Farnosova who is a unique master of contemporary architecture and didn’t lose her natural colours, but added new fantastic forms, Taras Legar who is a creator of fantastic lands of Avalon and Avatar from any building.

And even you, my friend, may be a talented architect who I don’t know yet. I don’t imitate anyone, just convey a mood of a contemplator. And my forms convey a mood to the customer and make people admire more and more of what they’ve got. I’m happy when I realize that this landscape design will enjoy the descendants for hundreds of years.
That’s why now I’m just asking God and you to let me design a stunning landscape park with crystal clear lakes and waterfalls at your premises, which will inspire you to make new good things and admire all your dear people, friends, visitors and heirs.

Great people created gorgeous parks. Just remember Peterhof or park «Sofiyivka» which are impossible to imagine without water. Let me do the things which I can do best of all.

With Love,
Your Konstantin Yudin


Here you can see some kind of my designing evolution.

The Sun

The wishes of our customer to create a stylish laconic, but thus subject and «live» landscaping the infield , was embodied in the composition of the thematic structure and water features. The center of attention and starting point of all water landscape is a design in the form of the sun, as a symbol of light, heat and life. Feature of an arrangement of a design consists in the next: the construction is in the eastern part of the yard and on the idea during the sunrise rays of the sun fall of a hole in the center of the construction «The Sun». As a result, with use of property of light interference, there is an incredible glow of the whole structure which is filling in with the blinding glow all yard. The whole landscape composition consists of several parts: 1. The falls falling from a fence. The flow of water coming out of storage capacity, located in the wall thickness of 40 cm. 2. The pond-pool consisting of 3...

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WATER AND TECHNOLOGIES The exhibition stand with falls was created for promotion action of phones of the Samsung Company within participation in the Fashionweek 2007 exhibition. Production of a vertical aquarium with illumination 2,5 m high and 10 m wide which served as the exhibition panel for company production became the non-standard decision. Vertical surface is in the form of waterfalls on the mirror. Finish of boxes is black plastic, gloss. The side panel 3 presents Aqua tubes with the bubbles and lights. The trim panel and box are made of black plastic/gloss. Year of implementation — 2007 Order fulfillment period — 1 week. Continuous water flows on the glass allowed to add to the stand the atmosphere of a futuristic and infinity of technologies. This decision allowed us to focus focus on improving the visual component of their products.

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PERSONAL PARADISE The directed looks towards the live world and desire to live in a harmony with the nature created new forms of their interaction. Now not people live in that, a situation which was created by the nature, but rather nature in the truest sense of the word is poured into the interior of the apartment. For decorating of a recreation area the composition of 15 sq.m. from 2-meter falls which passes into the three-level lake which maximum depth – 40 cm, the fountain and a winter garden was created. Year of implementation — 2006 Order fulfillment period — 30 business days. Now the customer has the opportunity to admire the cascades flowing water for hours. A great way to calm down, relax, gain strength, sitting in his own Paradise, listening to the gurgling of the water to think about the future or analyze the past.

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YOR OWN SMALL ELEMENT To create a living area in a residential area, where you can not only relax but also to enjoy skillfully recreated the beauty of nature, a project was implemented in the winter garden with a waterfall in 3 sq.m. Waterfall on the wall, with a height of 2.5 m, was implemented painted wall in the form of receding into the distance girls. Her figure beautifully framed with shells and composition of the stones. From her left footprint in the form of a silhouette in the lake /tank with clean water, seaweed and small fishes the mini-ocean pours out. Silhouette of a girl is a painting. Wall finishes are molding, shell, natural stone is a butt end. Year of implementation — 2006 Order fulfillment period — 60 business days. The House falls is like your own small element as if the nature entered the house, having arranged under an interior, and reminds us of eternal values in the stone jungle of the megalopolis. The executed composition is...

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SHARKS IN THE CEILING The wish of the customer to create an unusual aquarium and, instead of the usual plaster on the ceiling, to see floating fish was realized by means of twelve end-to-end aquarium between floors of the premises. Such combined design of a ceiling of the first floor and floor top, was created by a cosiness and unique color of the room, a certain prototype of very expensive hotel rooms on Maldives or Bali. Its area is 5 square meters , the depth is 50 cm based on a 12 point hardened trimplex 36 mm Year of implementation — 2006 Order fulfillment period — 60 business days The aquarium with two som the Pangasius Challenger, so-called spark som is populated. These fishes, despite the large sizes, look quite exotically and superficially resemble the real sharks that is so close, behind the glass. The unique design idea and skillful realization create unique «Wow! — effect» and the exotic atmosphere is in the house.

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OASIS The main goal in creating the composition of the winter garden and the waterfall was a revival of the Bay window, moving the particles of the forest into the living room, giving it a natural and eco-friendly. The composition from a winter garden of 10 square meters and room falls 2,5 m high became the decision. The object is in the center of Kiev for this reason received the name «Oasis». Year of implementation — 2005 Order fulfillment period — 35 business days The problem of cooling and moistening of air is naturally reached by a conditioner arrangement under a falls stream. With this flow of the cooled air passing under running water, is a soft, cool, and creates a light breeze that helps to solve the common problem of air — dryness of the air. Lush green plants combined with falling water is a natural area, where you can come and relax after a busy day, continuous urban traffic and bustle, full Breasts to breathe clean, fresh air...

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Aquarium with a mermaid for the entertainment center «Avalon» There are some things in the life on which you can watch forever. The water element and the girl-diver are from this category. Clear water, a real mermaid, relaxing music, and perfectly selected menu and the work of the chef of the restaurant made this place one of the most popular in its class. The purpose was not easy to surprise visitors of expensive fish restaurant. Aquarium with a mermaid had to become a central part of the project and the highlight and its business card. In this regard, was selected and the location of the aquarium, it was on the podium at the lookout point of the restaurant, which can be seen from all sides. Year of implementation — 2005. Order fulfillment period — 2 calendar months. The Glass To create the aquarium we needed a special glass that can withstand 10 tons of water. It could be harden only in one place in Ukraine. Height of this aquarium is...

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Aquariums for a VIP-hall in «Avalon» entertainment center Water is one of those elements, which is always a pleasure to watch. And the aquarium is one of the decorations, which is relevant to look in the room with any design. Especially, if we are talking about the entertainment center of Kiev. The main theme of the interior of which is underwater world. These two aquariums were conceived as a single composition, for placement in the VIP-hall - to please the eye and relieve stress after a productive business meeting or relax and lighten the mood for a fun-filled rest. Both aquariums are through are and located in a wall between two rooms of the VIP-hall. Two equal-sized aquariums are made of tempered original glass, which refracts the light in one direction. So, on the one hand, both glasses (back and its forward wall) pass light and the image. On the other hand – light refracts in such a way that nothing, except contents water designs is visible. Year of implementation...

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Wine tower at the restaurant «Avalon» The sound of water always attracts attention — it is an indisputable fact. And if you hear sounds from the restaurant, you have irresistible desire to go and see how and what is happening there. The main task that was set before us is not simply the creation of water scenery. It was an exclusive theme of one of the elements of expensive popular restaurant and attracts to it the attention of guests to it. Having combined all this, we got the concept of creation of a wine tower which represents falls on glass. Behind water flow is located the show-window (in essence – bar) where expensive elite alcoholic drinks are exposed. Thus, from the entrance to the restaurant, the visitor can find a rich assortment of drinks. And from the VIP-hall of the restaurant (back part of the tower) the visitor can not only watch, but also to choose any wine, because the whole range of wines is at arm’s length. For its...

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