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Six reasons to have your own pond



       Water is given the magical power

   Become a juice of life on the Earth.


Leonardo da Vinci

Do you know that the water has a «golden» feature?

It consists in the fact that the cool water soaks up, i.e. removes the human negative energy and then liquidates it at the same moment. If there is no possibility to live right next to the lake, the river, the sea, people who own this information, can create artificial ponds in their backyards. Even if you don’t swim, seemingly, that communication with a pond is imperceptible, but the effect is stunning — a burst of energy, vivacity, good mood, health, and things are going well in the family and live happily. And if you wash, swim, feelings and the results are indescribable.


Since ancient times, people have noticed a lot  properties of water that have a grace affect the human body, and today in the urban world, when there are millions of irritants and harmful factors, these properties become even greater significance and value_ To appreciate the favor of beeing near in the pond is impossible, but, based on research and feedback from our customers who have their own decorative ponds and who managed the experience of the beneficial effects of the water element, we can identify the basic facts that make us think.



1. A surge of strength, charge of energy.
According to the info of one famous Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, who has devoted almost 25 years of his life to water studing, water has its own exceptional energy and behaves almost like a living creature, responding to the thoughts of the people, the music, the spoken and written words. In his book «The Message from Water» Emoto shows that water is able to absorb, store and transmit human thoughts and emotions.

Consequently, having a positive attitude, warm and homely atmosphere and friendly relations in the family, your pond will keep this «good» charge and give energy when it is needed after a busy day
We continue to communicate with our customers, which whom were put into practice such projects as «The Lake House», «Source of inspiration» and other aqueous compositions. We get feedback about their impressions, sensations from contact with the water, and confirmation that the rest in the evening with a cup of coffee at their ponds in the garden and waterfall, make them feel the energetic recovery, in other words, a burst of energy



2. Normalization of psychological condition
The water is a healer not only of our bodies but also souls. Many experts, including scientists from Berkeley, the University of California, proved that the noise of falling water (it’s also called «white noise»), is like a pleasant melody, and helps a person to get rid of negative emotions, aggression and emotional
For the same reason, Buddhists construct their temples and monasteries gardens with waterfalls and streams. They believed that water, being a kind of microcosm containing a life, that displays the macrocosm, i.e. the whole universe. It helps to focus on their inner world and feel the global harmony, by establishing a link with the outside.
On the photos of the “Waterfall of wishes» you can see the true relaxation of its visitors, lightness and ease staying near the falling water. And owners of the «fishing Pond” with waterfall, created by the Studio of water landscapes by Konstantin Yudin, confirm that being in such a magical place, as with the rod, and without it, relieves fatigue, improves mood and calms the nerves.



3. Working capacity increase.
According to the results of many scientific studies after people breathe air at the pond, their productivity increases many times over. And it’s checked. Guests of the Crimean hotel «Porto Mare» say: «After rest in this wonderful place it is much more vigorously and easier to work. There is a wish to return here again and again to gain strength for new achievements». Important role in this assessment plays an aqueous composition «The sublime imagination», which was created by the Studio of water landscapes of Konstantin Yudin. On the hotel site its gests write: «The three-level water-fall in the territory of this hotel is something special» and call it unique. Such good feedback is the best award and gives us even more inspiration to create a unique «living» water compositions.





4. Improving the health and rejuvenation of the body.
Modern life often does not allow us to pay due attention to our health. I’m sure many people don’t know or simply don’t attach importance to the fact that swimming in the pond opens the lungs, clean the blood, normalizes pressure, sates with oxygen all body, therefore, starts the process of self-improvement. The important role play- physical cardiotraining in the water, because many people know that Aqua aerobics is the most effective way to make muscle tone and skin elasticity.
For example, created by us «Swimming pond» gives you the opportunity to take a full morning swim in the almost real lake. A well known fact that pouring cold water warms up the body, destroying infections and harmful bacteria, i.e. treats. Reinforcing processes in tissues, rejuvenates the skin, making men more energetic and women attractive.




5. Unity with the nature.
People are more likely to turn their attention towards the living world, they re-learn to live in harmony with nature. In the creation of reservoirs of water landscapes studio of Konstantin Yudin attaches great importance to ecological and natural, so in our work eco-ponds are popular. For example, «fishing Pond» was created on the principle of eco-pond with real fish of different sizes
This type of reservoirs distinguished by an exceptionally «water of life», which is identical to the structure and properties natural lakes, unlike chlorinated pools. Feature of the eco-pond is its ability to cleanse itself by established plants and running fish, this feature ensures minimal maintenance, as nature does everything herself. Proof that the conditions of our eco-ponds really natural, is spawning fish. Reservoirs have the underwater relief identical to natural, with a set of underwater caves, and allow the fish to keep as close as possible to a natural way of life. For example, in a pond near the “Waterfall of wishes» was launched only 13 fish, and now (over two years) there are about 40.



6. Happiness of children.
It is necessary to remember that pleasure which appears on a baby face in game with water. Probably everyone remembers himself in the childhood when it was one of the most amusing and fascinating occupations. Waterfalls created by the Studio of water landscapes by Konstantin Yudin, provide a convenient platform that allows you to touch the water, to play with crystal clear streams of living water, and the surface of the lake is arranged in such a way that stranded near the shore and crystal clear water of the pond allows you to observe the fish and even play with them. These pure emotions cannot be overemphasized.
Over the years all of us are more convinced that the element of our work – water is a not only esthetic beauty and bewitching compositions, but also invaluable advantage for each person who has opportunity to behold, have in direct proximity a life source – open water.
The comfortable natural reservoir changes life of his owner. It is the fact confirmed with a set of researches and experiments, and also responses of our clients. If You want to be energetic and happy, think about the possibility of creating water composition, we (The Studio of Water landscapes of Konstantin Yudin) will help you to create such unique masterpiece which will be only yours. We carry out reservoir construction according to ecological standards and standards therefore each our work completely corresponds to a natural reservoir.

Think about your health and happiness.
Let’s build together the pond of your dreams!

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